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- Frequently asked questions
As CWT has no paid scientific staff at present we hope you will find answers to most of your questions in this section. Please read it carefully before you decide to contact us with a specific query.

How can I find out more information about the work that CWT does?

The best way of finding out about the work of the trust is to read the publications that have been produced. These should all be self-explanatory and provide all the information you need about each topic area and how any recommendations were put together. You can also look at the news section of the website.

What if I have a particular query about how any of the information in the reports was compiled?

You should be able to find out all the information you need in each publication if you read it carefully.

What if I want someone from the Trust to give a talk or make a presentation about the work of the trust?

It is unlikely that anyone from CWT will be able to do this at present, but please email us in the first instance

I am a journalist and I would like someone from the trust to comment on a story

It is unlikely that anyone from CWT will be able to do this at present, but you can email us for a response. May we suggest you try one of the larger charities that has paid staff such as The National Heart Forum, Sustain or The School Food Trust.

What if we would like someone to act as an adviser or to comment on a piece of work?

It is unlikely that anyone from the trust will be able to do this at present.

How can I apply for, or nominate someone for, a Caroline Walker Trust award?

The award scheme opens in about June and closes in about August and we make our awards at the annual lecture in November. See the awards section.

Where can I get the bowls and plates seen in the photo resources?

The selection used in the Balanced Meals photo resources are TG Green - Blue Spot china plates. Those for CHEW were originally bought at Graham and Green but there is also a range currently available at RICE

Who do I contact if I have any questions about publications?

Please email where your queries will be answered during office hours.

I have a query on food Safety

We regret that CWT is not able to answer specific questions on food safety as these should be addressed to the Food Standards Agency

Where can I find information on Menu Planning Software – CORA, CHOMP, School Meals?

The CORA and CHOMP computer programs are no longer sold by CWT. New improved software that allows analysis of menu plans for under 5’s, older people and school meals can be purchased from Nutmeg UK. Please see their website for full details.

What can I / can't I do with the under 5s in child care CD-ROM that comes with the under 5s in child care Training Materials?

You can:
  • view a list of all the foods and drinks for which information is provided

  • view the nutrient content of each food and drink, both per 100g of that item and per typical portion

  • change the portion size and see how this affects the nutrient values per portion

  • look at the ingredients and methods for any recipes

  • print the recipe for each food – including both the ingredients and the method

  • view foods and drinks which are high, or low, in a particular nutrient per 100g of that food or per portion

You can’t:
  • calculate nutrient intakes for individuals and groups, or

  • compare intakes of groups of children to the nutrient-based standards.

Where can I find a dietitian or registered nutritionist?

You should be able to find a dietitian through or contact the British Dietetic Association at For a registered nutritionist please contact the Association for Nutrition

How do I order a publication?

You can find this information by going to the publications section and clicking on the appropriate document title.

Can I pay for publications/donate to CWT by credit card?

All publications can be purchased on Amazon. We cannot take individual payments by credit card over the phone, but if you wish to donate using credit card or Paypal please visit the donations page

What if I want to find out more about the Trust?

General enquiries can be sent by email, see our contact us page. We try and answer most queries by email but if you have an urgent enquiry you can leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Does the Trust offer work experience?

The Trust has no offices or full-time staff and is unable to offer work experience.