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Friends of the Trust

"Caroline's style in her public and private lives was all of a piece: tenacious, endearing, funny, frank, and altogether memorable" Geoffrey Cannon

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Many thanks to the Friends of the Trust. Some of our Friends were instrumental in the setting up and early development of the Trust and some have made a special contribution to the work of the Trust.

Professor Annie Anderson
Dr John Ashton MBBS MSc MRCPsych
Peter Bazalgette
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
Dr Clive Black
Joanna Blythman
Lady Arabella Boxer
Dr John Brown
Lynda Brown
Geoffrey Cannon
Dr Martin Caraher
Dr David Clark MP
Professor Michael Crawford PhD
Dr Helen Crawley
Kath Dalmeny
Luci Daniels SRD
Sue Davies MBE
Sue Dibb
David Dickinson
Sheila Dillon
Dr Martin Eastwood MB MSc FRCP
Rosemary Fitzpatrick
Ann Foster
Clare Francis
Maurice Frankel
Professor John Garrow MD PhD FRCP
Alan Gear
Dr Ben Goldacre
Sir Simon Gourlay
John Grigg
Richard Guy
Vanessa Harrison
Joe Harvey
Lord Haskins
Michael Heasman
Anne Heughan SRD
Moira Howie
Fiona Hunter
Sarah Ivatts
Jean James
Dr Michael Joffe MD MRCP MSc
Professor Desmond Julian CBE MD FRCP
Jean Kerr
Jane Landon
Felicity Lawrence
Professor Michael Lean MA MD FRCP
Dame Suzi Leather
Prue Leith OBE
Tony Lloyd MP
Dr Tim Lobstein PhD
Dr Alan Long PhD BSc AIC
Jeanette Longfield MBE
Tom MacMillan
Dr Peter Mansfield MA MB BChir
Professor Sir Michael Marmot PhD FRCP FFPHM
Janette Marshall
Suzanne May OBE
Karen McColl
Dr Erik Millstone PhD MPhil BSc
Jessica Mitchell
Professor Kevin Morgan
Dr Lesley Morrison MRCGP
Anton Mosimann
John Murray
James Naughtie
Dr Michael Nelson BSc MSc PhD
Dr Michael O'Donnell MB BCh
Professor Hugh Pennington
Martin Pitt
Dr David Player FRCP FRCPsych FFPHM
Sir Jonathon Porritt, Bt
Professor John Potter MBBS PhD
Dr Richard Pugh PhD FRSH FIFST
Dr Mike Rayner
Anne Dillon Roberts
Patti Rundall OBE
June Scarbrough
Imogen Sharp MSc Hon MFPHM
Professor Aubrey Sheiham
Dr Derek Shrimpton MA PhD FIFST
David Simpson OBE
Professor George Davey Smith
Colin Spencer
Professor Carolyn Summerbell
Sue Todd
Colin Tudge
Amanda Ursell
Lizzie Vann
Dr Tom Wakeford
Caroline Waldegrave
Professor Richard Watt
Teresa Wickham
Bee Wilson
Jack Winkler
Professor Martin Wiseman
Marion Witton RGN RMN RHV
Lawrence Woodward