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After 6 years as Chair of Trustees at CWT, Joe Harvey has stepped down and we would like to thank him very much for all his hard work and commitment over that time. We are pleased to say that Juliet Walker will be taking over as Chair of Trustees and we are also pleased to welcome two new trustees: Marjon Willers and Yvonne Gritschneder.

Some people are not aware what a small and virtual operation we are at CWT. We have never had any full-time staff or offices: Pauline Styles our part-time administrator answers any general queries about the Trust, deals with all the orders for publications and invitations to the Annual lecture and other events.

Queries relating to public health nutrition topics or any of our publications can be sent to Helen. Helen acts as part-time science director 1 day a week but fits CWT work around her main job as Reader in Nutrition Policy at City University Centre for Food Policy. Our research assistants are employed on a part-time freelance basis to help with preparing and researching publications.

Like many small organisations we have no core funds and rely on project grants and donations to continue our work – as well as on a lot of goodwill. We are very grateful to all those who help out by reviewing or contributing to our work and to all those who support our work and take our recommendations out to their local regions. During 2010 (and post-election) CWT will be reviewing its longer term priorities and we are always interested to hear from our supporters about things they think we should get involved in.

Donate money as you shop!

Support the continuing work of CWT by nominating The Caroline Walker Trust as your charity of choice on Every time you shop online via the links on the easyfundraising website - at Amazon, M&S, Argos, John Lewis and HMV for example - up to 15% from every purchase you make is donated to your chosen charity.

CWT projects

Eating Well for Older People and Older People with Dementia
We are currently preparing a practical guide for all those who support older people and older people with dementia to eat well. The guide will include food photographs showing how to texture or modify food to encourage older people with dementia to eat well, and we aim to have this available towards the end of 2010.

Adult Photo Resource
Last year CWT prepared over 200 photos showing meals and snacks suitable for adults which meet current food and nutritional guidance. The resource also contains all the recipes for the dishes shown and outlines appropriate portion sizes for key foods. This work will be made available on CD in 2010 and will hopefully be a useful support to all those who provide eating well guidance to adults.

Children Eating Well (CHEW)
Following the successful piloting of our photographic resources showing healthy food and meals suitable for under 5s and for children 5-18 years, we will be making all these resources available from June 2010 from our new website

The resources are relevant to four different age groups: First year of life; Children 1-4 years; Children 5-11 years and Young People 12-18 years. We will send further details out about this resource via our email newsletter.

Infant Milk Report
We put this report to one side at the end of last year as the Department of Health appeared to be interested in preparing their own independent report on infant milks and obviously would have the funds and capacity to produce a detailed expert report in this area. However, as the Department of Health committee for this work has yet to meet, we have now decided to resurrect our own report and hope to have an updated version online soon.