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September 2011

Infant Milks in the UK (2011)
This 100 page report details the composition of infant milks available in the UK and looks at how these products are monitored and regulated. It makes recommendations to Government, to professional and regulatory bodies, to manufacturers, to health professionals. The response has been extremely favourable, and by request we are making a small number of copies available to purchase at a price of £30 (inc p&p), for those wanting a hard copy.

Eating Well for Older People & Older People with Dementia: Practical guide (2011)
This new 122 page report and CD Rom provides illustrated detailed guidance about the types and quantities of food and drinks that can be served to meet essential energy and nutrition requirements. It is aimed at all those helping and advising the elderly where there may be practical difficulties around eating, drinking and accessing food. The resource contains example menus, meals and snacks for those who can eat well, those who may require a soft textured diet, a finger food diet or a pureed diet. There are photos to illustrate the many suggestions, and the CD Rom contains over a 100 example meals and snacks with full photos, recipes and portion information. This detailed work builds on the expert evidence in Eating Well for Older People and Eating Well for Older People with Dementia but with new current input from other expert bodies. It is now available to purchase at a price of £35 or £40 (inc p&p) including the original report.

CHEW – Children Eating Well
All the popular CHEW resources are currently in stock and available to purchase, but there are only a few of the 5-11 years photo cards left and these will not be included in the next set of reprints due to the cost of printing. Instead, all resources will be purchasable with a web-to-print service via our printer.

Other news:
The Trustees were extremely sorry to see the departure in May of Dr Helen Crawley, CWT Science Director. Helen has been tremendously productive during her 14 years with the charity, obtaining funding for the many projects and reports that she initiated, and mostly wrote, in consultation with panels of other experts. CWT reports are widely and highly regarded. It was thanks to Helen’s work that CWT won the Derek Cooper Award in the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2006. We warmly thank her for her exceptional commitment and contribution to CWT, and wish her much further success in her future nutrition work. We look forward to keeping in touch. We are currently taking stock of our direction as we go into the next phase of our work and hope to announce the appointment of new Trustees in the near future. We are expecting to hold the next Caroline Walker Lecture & Awards Evening in Spring 2012; details will be posted on the website in due course. In the meantime your thoughts, suggestions and support are, as always, very welcome.

April 2011

After 14 years working with the Trust, Helen will be leaving CWT at the end of April 2011. CWT has been able to produce nearly 20 expert reports and resources over this time and many of the evidence based reports have contributed to key nutrition policy areas in the UK. From May 2011 Helen can be contacted at

The Trust would also like to thank Megan Pacey and Yvonne Gritschneder who have stepped down as trustees, and thank them for their contributions and work for the trust. Three new trustees will be joining the trust shortly and further details will be sent out in the next CWT newsletter. Please sign up for the newsletter to keep informed.

Early Years work In March 2011
The School Food Trust published food and nutrition guidance for early years settings in England compiled by an independent Advisory Panel at the request of the Department of Education. The CWT nutritional guidelines in our publication Eating well for under 5s in childcare were used to underpin the new guidance. For more information about the new guidance see the school food trust website.

The CWT CHEW First year of life Practical Guide and the 1-4 Years Eating Well Practical Guide fully support this new guidance, and details of these resources can be found at

A short film about the CHEW 1-4 Years Eating Well Practical Guide can also be found on the CHEW website. The film demonstrates how the resource can be used in early years settings and with children, parents and carers and we hope this will encourage settings to try the resource out. We have had a lot of very positive feedback about the resources and as with all CWT publications, we are happy for people to use the text and images in any local resources they produce which are available free to early years settings.

Infant Milks in the UK
A report outlining the composition of infant milks for sale in the UK and looking at how these products are monitored is available as a free downloadable PDF. We are grateful to The A Team Foundation for providing funding for us to complete this project. The main aim of the publication is to stimulate the relevant health departments of the UK to provide independent information on infant milks to health professionals and parents in line with both international and EU recommendations.

Eating well for older people and older people with dementia: Practical Resource
This new resource is currently in production and should be published in May 2011.