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photo from CWT Awards 2007

photo from CWT Awards 2007
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Winners of the Caroline Trust Award 2007

The 2007 Annual Lecture and Awards was held at Kensington Town Hall on November 21st. The speaker was Dr Ben Goldacre, Guardian columnist who gave an entertaining and thought provoking talk about the problems of poor science informing public opinion, a particular problem in the world of nutrition entitled Bad Science.
  • Amanda Williams, Paul Finch and Lisa Lynch of the Salford Learning Difficulty Team and Health Improvement Team (Salford PCT)

  • John Hancox of the The Children's Garden, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

  • A special award was given to Tom MacMillan of the Food Ethics Council which was received with Professor Ben Mepham

and of the Maggie Sanderson Student Awards 2007

This year awards were given to students nominated by their Directors of Study as having produced exceptional work for their final BSc or MSc dissertation, on a topic related to the aims of the Trust. The winners were:
  • Simon Garrett from The University of Westminster

  • Nausheen Hamid from London Metropolitan University

  • Ellen Wilford and Caroline Speers from Kings College London