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Lectures, shortlists and award winners from 1989-1999

1999 Lecture & Awards

10th November 1999 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1 Future Food: Two radical views of 21st Century Eating
Dr Michael Heasman and Colin Tudge

Finalists for the awards were -
Consumer Advocate category
: Sandra Bell and the 5 Year Freeze Campaign, Richard Young of the Soil Association, Bill Gray and the Scottish Community Diet Project.
Media category: The Food Magazine, James Meikle and The Guardian's team of writers, Colin Tudge.
Science category: Dr Vyvyan Howard, Dr Aileen Robertson, Dr Liz Dowler.
Industry category: Toby Peters and Community Owned Retailing, Asda, MacLeans Bakery, Iceland Foods plc.
Overall Award Winner: Dr Vyvyan Howard. Special Award winner: Sandra Bell and the 5 year Freeze.

1998 Lecture & Awards

29th October 1998 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
The Nanny State: what will Nanny do when we grow up?
Sheila McKechnie

Finalists for the awards were -
Consumer advocate category:
the Green Alliance, Lord Phillips, the British Dietetic Association.
Media category: The Archers, NFU, Mentorn Barraclough Carey for BBC's 'Mad Cows and Englishmen'.
Science category: Dr Hans Englyst, Professor Fergus Lowe and team, Dr Tom Wakeford.
Industry category: Iceland Frozen Foods plc, J. Sainsbury plc, Waitrose Ltd. Overall Award Winner: Professor Fergus Lowe and team.

1997 Lecture & Awards

20th November 1997 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
Nutrition in the future: thinking the unthinkable
Professor Philip James CBE

Professor James predicted that nutrition would be the centre of health in the new millennium. He told the audience that there was no pretending that nutrition wasn’t at the centre of every major public health problem, and anyone who says differently has something to hide or can’t see the public health wood from the toxicological trees.

Finalists for the awards were -
Science: Dr Sheila Bingham, Bill Swann, Professor Nick Wald
Industry: Organix Brands plc, Doves Farm, Institute of Grocery Distribution, National Farmers Union
Media: Farming Today, The Food Programme, Modern Times
Consumer: Compassion in World Farming, Lyndel Costain, Dr John Godfrey, Professor Hugh Pennington

Bursary finalists: Ingrid Burger

1996 Lecture & Awards

31st October 1996 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
The Making of Modern Malnutrition
Suzi Leather

Finalists for the awards were -
Piper's Farm, Somerfield, Jackie Garfit Media:Food File, Eleanor Stephens and Jean Kerr of Stephens Kerr, World in Action, Amanda Ursell
Science: Wendy Doyle, Professor John Garrow, Dr Michael Nelson, Dr R Fraser
Consumer: Genetics Forum, Dave Morris and Helen Steel, Imogen Sharp - National Heart Forum, Mrs Ann Graham and Dr Alan Colchester

Bursary finalists: Angela Dickinson, Harriet Festing, Michelle Holdsworth, Patricia Longbottom, Jacqueline Smith

1995 Lecture & Awards

16th November 1995 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
Food and the public interest
Christopher Haskins

Christopher Haskins, Chairman of Northern Foods plc, told the CWT audience that Government needed new food policies and a judicious approach to food science, thanks to the massive food needs of the modern world. Food policy was becoming more important, because 'during the next 35 year the world will have to produce twice as much food as in the previous 10,000 years.'

Finalists for the awards were -
Barri Grubb, Dave Morris and Helen Steel, Carol Williams, World Cancer Research Fund
Media: Sheila Dillon, Good Food Show, Vegetarian Good Food
Industry: Eric Booth - Soil Association, Martin Pitt, Bill Shannon
Science: Dr Jeremy Cherfas, Dr Erik Millstone, Professor Michael Marmot, Imogen Sharp

1994 Lecture & Awards

15th November 1994 - The Royal Geographical Society, Kensington Gore, SW7
Content with a Vegetable love
Professor John Potter

Finalists for the awards were -
Vera Chaney, June Scarborough, Iona Smeaton
Industry: Helen Browning, Josephine Fairly, John Lester
Media: Sophie Grigson, Jean Kerr and Eleanor Stephens, Michael Johnson Science: Professor David Barker, Dr Erik Millstone, Dr Margaret Thorogood

1993 Lecture & Awards

24th November 1993 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
No Nation can rise above the level of its Women
Margaret and Arthur Wynn

A social and nutritional scholar, writer and reformer, with her husband Arthur did much to alert couples to the value of good health before starting a family. The title of the lecture is taken from the words of Mrs Leonara Cohen; she became known as the 'Tower suffragette' after she smashed the glass of the Crown Jewels cabinet in the Tower of London with an iron bar from her fireplace.

Finalists for the awards were -

Consumer: Alan and Jackie Gear, Suzi Leather, Jeanette Longfield, Jack Winkler
Media: Joanna Blythman, Eleanor Stephens and Jean Kerr, Mary Whiting and Dr Tim Lobstein
Industry: Patrick Holden, Craig Sams, Twin Trading
Science: Wendy Hoyle, Professor Anthony Diplock, Dr Erik Millstone, Dr Elsie Widdowson

1992 Lecture & Awards

24th November 1992 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
New Concepts in Human Nutrition in the Twentieth Century: The Special Role of Micronutrients
Sir Francis Avery Jones CBE MD FRCP

Finalists for the awards were -
Consumer: Cathy Hulme, Ailsa Morant, David Roberts
Media: The Ethical Consumer, The Food Magazine, Dr Hilary Jones, Eleanor Stephens
Science: Dr John Cummings, Professor John Woodwin, Dr Bob Orskov Industry: Anthony Glasgow, Neal's Yard, The Village Bakery

Bursary finalists: Louise Lawson, Clare Mitchell, Nasira Sheikh

1991 Lecture & Awards

16th October 1991 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
Intensive farming, The Cap and GATT
Sir James Goldsmith

Finalists for the awards were -
Consumer: National Consumer Council - Ann Foster, Friends of the Earth - Andrew Lees, Consumer Panel of the Ministry of Agriculture - Suzi Leather
Media: The Food Magazine - Sue Dibb and Tim Lobstein, Eat well . live well - Pearce Marchbank, The Independent - Janette Marshall
Science: Dr John Cummings, Professor Richard Smithells, Dr Martin Wiseman
Industry: Heinz, Bill Jordan of Jordan Cereal Company

Bursary finalist: Caroline Mulihill

1990 Lecture & Awards

9th November 1990 - The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace SW1
Labour's Healthy Food Policy
Dr David Clark MP, Shadow Minister for Food and Agriculture

1989 Lecture & Awards

11th October 1989 - A Gala evening at the Royal Society of Arts, London WC2
Food in the Body Politic
Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon was Director of Friends of the Earth and a leading speaker for the Green movement in Britain and Europe.

Presentation of the first Caroline Walker Trust Awards introduced by Simon Coombs MP, Chairman of the Judges. The Awards were supported by a generous three year grant from The Reader's Digest Trust

Finalists for the awards were -
Baby Milk Action Coalition, Parents for Safe Food, Soil Association: Campaign for Safe Meat
The Daily Mail, James Erlichman: The Guardian, The Food Magazine
The Henry Doubleday Research Association, Professor Richard Lacey, The late Dr Hugh Trowell
The Meat and Livestock Commission, Sir Julian Rose: Campaign for Real Milk, Tesco